2006 Utah Winter Accounting Conference Program

February 23 - 25, 2006

Eric Hirst "How Disaggregated Forecasts Enhance the Credibility of Management Earnings Forecasts"
    Discussant: Mark Soliman

Jennifer Blouin "Bringing it home: A study of the incentives surrounding the repatriation of foreign earnings under the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004"

Andy Van Buskirk "How Do Managers Deal With Bad News? Management Forecasts around Negative Earnings Surprises"

Matt Magilke "A Re-examination of the Naive-Investor Hypothesis in Accruals Mispricing: The Role of Cash Flows"
    Discussant: Patty Dechow

Thomas Hemmer "Optimal `Pay-Performance-Sensitivity' in the presence of Exogenous Risk"
    Discussant: Bjorn Jorgensen

Wayne Guay "How High Is US CEO Pay? A Comparison with UK CEO Pay"

** We are trying to recreate the old programs after they were lost from the old webserver. Please email rachel.hayes@utah.edu if you were a discussant so we can include your name. Thanks!